Управление на качеството на въздуха в град Видин

Управление на качеството на въздуха в град Видин

Стефан Петров, Иван Дреновски

Air quality management in Vidin

Stefan Petrov, Ivan Drenovski




Air as a component of the natural environment is subjected to constant pollution caused by anthropogenic impact. Air can be considered polluted when the concentration of pollutants is higher than in a normal environment and this leads to a deterioration of the ambient air quality. This problem is also relevant for the region of Vidin and the town of Vidin in particular. Every year the city holds one of the highest ranks for the most polluted air in Bulgaria, even though the city has not been a place with a developed industrial activity that can be linked to air pollution for years. This report aims at identifying the causes of pollution and whether the measures taken in the “Programme for reducing the levels of PM10 and reaching the established norms of their content in the air in the region of Vidin for the period 2015-2020” are effectively implemented.

Keywords: environment, atmospheric air, antropogenic impact, Bulgaria, dust


Начин на цитиране / Citation

На български:

Петров С, Дреновски И (2020) Управление на качеството на въздуха в град Видин. Известия на Българското географско дружество 43: 69–73. https://geography.bg/publication/magazines/item/482-vol43-2020-11 



Petrov S, Drenovski I (2020) Air quality management in Vidin. Journal of the Bulgarian Geographical Society 43: 69–73. https://geography.bg/publication/magazines/item/482-vol43-2020-11 

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