Night-time public transport: case study of Madrid, Spain

Night-time public transport: case study of Madrid, Spain

Rossen Koroutchev




This paper researches the Night-time public transport in Madrid, one of the most famous by its night-life European city. By explaining the history of its night-time transport since 1974, when 11 night urban lines have been created, an analysis of the current situation is presented, which concerns the night transport extension to the rest of the municipalities inside Madrid area. Based on official statistical data and surveys provided by the corresponding municipality authorities, the efficiency of two interurban night-time lines of interest is analyzed. The methodology uses demographic and network analysis based on the passenger patterns during 2017. Quantitative graph measures of the Madrid’s night transport such as diameter and clustering are also presented. Finally, some comments and recommendations for improving the current city´s night-time public transport, as well as some future extensions of the analysis are presented.

Keywords: Urban, Night public transport, Network analysis


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Koroutchev R (2019) Night-time public transport: case study of Madrid, Spain. Journal of the Bulgarian Geographical Society 41: 67–71. 

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