Bulgarian Geographical Society (BGS) is an organization for public benefit. The mission of the BGS is to bring together geographers and all those with respect to the geographical knowledge. In this regard, the Society has the following main objectives:
  • To promote scientific development of all areas of geographical science in higher education institutions in the country and the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences;
  • To promote the development of geographic education in higher education institutions in the country, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and the secondary education system of the Republic of Bulgaria;
  • To contribute to the development of modern communication society between researchers, organizations and institutions developing scientific, managerial or professional activities related to geographical science;
  • To support participation in decision-making, planning and implementation of local, regional and national planning and legal documents relating to socio-economic, political and environmental issues of high public interest;
  • To promote in Bulgarian society and worldwide the  achievements of Bulgarian geographical science, Bulgarian geographical education and related scientific fields;
  • To create and maintain an environment for scientific and geographical study of the Bulgarian lands in respect of their cultural, socio-economic, geopolitical and geoecological development;
  • To promote mutual understanding between Bulgaria and other countries in the economic, cultural, political and environmental terms;
  • To work for the establishment of geography as a professional field and profession of Geography of the National Classification of Professions in Bulgaria;
  • To work for the establishment of geography as a discipline in educational programs at all levels.
To achieve its objectives BGS conduct analyzes of the scientific environment and develop proposals, opinions, reports on legislative changes and practical examples on the development of geographic education and science in Bulgaria; Supports coordination of common positions of the members of the BGS and addressing to the responsible institutions at European, national and local level; nominate and participate in working groups to develop solutions to national, regional and local level; organizes meetings, forums, trainings and information campaigns in order to maximize awareness of members and society in the country on topical issues concerning geographical education and science; interacting and teaming up with other Bulgarian and European networks and coalitions to achieve common goals; Carries out capacity building activities of members and society in the field of geographic science.