Непознатият Анастас Разбойников

Непознатият Анастас Разбойников

Надежда Илиева

The Unknown Anastas Razboynikov

Nadezhda Ilieva




Anastas Razboynikov is a scientist, geographer, historian, ethnographer who has been in the shadows over the last decades and his life, creativity, role as a public figure, especially in the years before World War II, remain forgotten and unknown. In this article, based on the review of his work and published biographical materials, the life, creativity and the main contributions to the geographical science of Anastas Spasov Razboynikov have been traced.

Keywords: Anastas Razboynikov, biography, creativity, scientific contributions to geographical science


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Илиева Н (2020) Непознатият Анастас Разбойников. Известия на Българското географско дружество 42: 132–140. https://geography.bg/publication/magazines/item/461-vol42-2020-18 



Ilieva N (2020) The Unknown Anastas Razboynikov. Journal of the Bulgarian Geographical Society 42: 132–140. https://geography.bg/publication/magazines/item/461-vol42-2020-18 

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