„Къщата на географското образование“ – примерен модел

Short Communication

„The House of Geography Education“ – an Example Model

Maya Vasileva

„Къщата на географското образование“ – примерен модел

Мая Василева




All processes and phenomena have geographical dimensions which justify the presence of geography science as the main subject of study in Bulgarian school system. As such the role of geography in development of specific competences and patterns of behavior is with undeniable value for students. Against the background of growing public demands for education (and geographic one in particular), it is necessary to develop a new educational paradigm, respectively new educational models that set the student's personality and their needs, interests and responsibilities in the center of geography training process. In this regard, we are taking a step forward by presenting an exemplary educational model of geography education. We construct it on the basis of current interpretations from contemporary geography didactics in Bulgaria and in countries with developed educational systems. We present it through a metaphor having in mind that "severe" theoretical issues may be broken and examined from a different perspective and give us the possibility for further researches of the issue.

Keywords: geography, geography education, geography training, geography didactics, didactic modeling


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Vasileva M (2019) „The House of Geography Education“ – an Example Model. Journal of the Bulgarian Geographical Society 40: 59-62. https://doi.org/10.3897/jbgs.2019.40.10


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Василева М (2019) „Къщата на географското образование“ – примерен модел. Известия на Българското географско дружество 40: 59-62. https://doi.org/10.3897/jbgs.2019.40.10

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