Планински туризъм в България

Планински туризъм в България

Ваня Василева

Mountain tourism in Bulgaria

Vanya Vasileva




Mountains are one of the most attractive tourist forms for tourism. Bulgaria has over 30 mountains. It fall entirely or partially on it teritory. Tourism practiced in the mountains is generally referred as mountain tourism. This conception includs various of tourism activities practiced in mountain conditions.

The aim of this paper is to expose specifics in the current state of tourism in the Bulgarian mountains. It is maked overview of the main types of tourism practiced in mountain conditions and specifics in the mountainous tourist infrastructure and superstructure. Bulgarian mountains are typed according to their degree of utilization for the needs of tourism.

Keywords: mountains, mountain tourism, utilization, infrastructure, superstructure


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Василева В (2019) Планински туризъм в България. Известия на Българското географско дружество 40: 47–53. https://geography.bg/publication/magazines/item/419-vol40-2019-8 



Vasileva V (2019) Mountain tourism in Bulgaria. Journal of the Bulgarian Geographical Society 40: 47–53. https://geography.bg/publication/magazines/item/419-vol40-2019-8 

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