Thursday, 28 March 2024 17:03

JBGS: New papers in 2024 come with a brand-new look

From 2024 onwards our journal adopts the new paper design of the Pensoft Publishers. The new look was introduced by our technological provider in June 2023. Since then it has become widely used by journals hosted on the ARPHA platform or published by Pensoft Publishers themselves.

As we live (and work) in a technological era, online publishing and reading on screens have become the norm. That makes the reproducing of the curves of the classical serif fonts very hard, just because the screens are made of pixels with a square shape. Here's why non-serif fonts are much easier to read and follow on screens without losing quality or even distracting the readers' eyes. Authors' recognition and titles of their studies are more important to the reader than the title or logo of the publisher. Therefore those elements should be properly presented and outstanding from any other information.

So, what has changed in particular to papers published by the Journal of the Bulgarian Geographical Society?

A fully updated opening page, new elements such as recommended citation style, hotlinks for DOI, removed double-columned main text, customized colors of all types of titles and subtitles, new fonts, and more space for figures, are just a small branch of changes that we agreed on. Readers who prefer to read on paper could benefit even more from these changes. The newly shortened text body width by removing the second column provides the opportunity for taking notes right next to the printed body text of the paper.

Many thanks to the developers and designers at Pensoft Publisher for creating this new design, and for their overall efforts in improving their services by providing a high-quality user experience.

Brief explanations of the changes in JBGS paper design, compared to the previous one, can be seen in the pictures below or directly from the first paper of the year:



Source: JBGS's website