5th International competition “Karst under protection – gift for the future generations“

International Year of Caves and Karst
2021-09-13 - 2022-04-29

The competition is organized by the Experimental Laboratory of Karstology in the National Institute of Geophysics, Geodesy and Geography at the Bulgarian Academy
of Sciences and Foundation Center on Karstology “Vladimir Popov”. The fifth edition of the competition is included in the program of International Year of Caves and Karst (IYCK), announced by the International Union of Speleology (UIS) under the motto: "Explore, Understand and Protect”

The Competition is held in the established categories:

1. For pupils:
1.1. Up to12 years old:
 - Drawing / Work with natural materials
 - Multimedia presentation/Video
1.2. Over 12 years old:
 - Drawing / Work with natural materials
 - Multimedia presentation/Video/ Computer game / Website
 - Essay
 - Poster / Postcard
 - Comics

2. For teachers:
 - My unusual lesson
 - Our students’ project

3. For University students:
 - Scientific essay / Multimedia presentation/Video / Computer game / Website
 - Picture / Painting
 - Cartoon (Caricature) / Comics / Grotesque
 - Art Installation

4. For nature lovers, photographers (no age limit):
 - Photo Composition (3 to 5 photos)
 - Movie
 - Picture / Painting
 - Cartoon (Caricature) / Comics/Grotesque


Deadline: 29th April 2022

For more information: http://prokarstterra.bas.bg/competition/


Invitation for the competition



All Dates

  • From 2021-09-13 to 2022-04-29

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